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Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department


Board of Code Standards and Appeals

The BCSA provides technical code review and recommendations to the City Council and County Commission on matters involving the Building Code, building construction & remodeling, contractor licensing, dangerous building condemnation and demolition, and neighborhood code enforcement matters.
Primary focus/responsibilities of the BCSA include:
  1. reviewing building codes and recommending to City Council and County Commission proposed code adoptions or code changes;
  2. hearing appeals to Metropolitan Area Building Construction Department interpretations of Building and Minimum Housing Codes; Application For Appeal or Contractor Complaint Hearing
  3. reviewing and approving/denying alternate building materials and/or methods of installation;
  4. reviewing and approving/denying applications for building contractor licenses, and conducting hearings to consider probation, suspension or revocation of such licenses; and
  5. advising the City Council in condemnation hearings of dangerous and unfit buildings.


The BCSA currently meets on the first Monday of every month at 1:00 PM at 271 W 3rd, in Room 318 (Training/Conference Room A)


The BCSA is a nine-member City Council/County Commission - appointed board comprised of two architects, a structural engineer, one Class A contractor, one Class B contractor, one Class C contractor, one real estate person, and two citizens at-large.

Staff Contact
Elaine Hammons, Administrative Services Manager

Brad DoedenCity of Wichita ArchitectVice ChairmanWichita City CouncilActive5/12/20204/1/20204/1/2020 - 3/31/2022 
Eric PurkeyBOCC Public at LargeMemberBoard of County CommissionersExpired8/1/20198/1/20198/1/2019 - 7/31/2021 
Francisco BanuelosCity of Wichita Class C ContractorMemberWichita City CouncilActive5/12/20204/1/20204/1/2020 - 3/31/2022 
Gregg Wilhite BOCC ArchitectMemberBoard of County CommissionersExpired8/1/20198/1/20198/1/2019 - 7/31/2021 
Miles MillspaughBOCC Member Representing Real EstateMemberBoard of County CommissionersExpired8/1/20198/1/20198/1/2019 - 7/31/2021 
Randy Coonrod Jointly Appointed Class A ContractorMemberBoard of County Commissioners and City CouncilExpired8/1/20198/1/20198/1/2019 - 7/31/2021 
Randy Harder BOCC Class B ContractorMemberBoard of County CommissionersExpired8/1/20198/1/20198/1/2019 - 7/31/2021 
Russ Redford City of Wichita Structural EngineerChairmanWichita City CouncilActive5/12/20204/1/20204/1/2020 - 3/31/2022 
Taylor ZimbelmanCity of Wichita Public at LargeMemberWichita City CouncilActive5/12/20204/1/20204/1/2020 - 3/31/2022 


2021-10-04 BCSA Minutes.pdf2021-10-04 BCSA Minutes
2021-11-01 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-11-01 BCSA Agenda
2021-09-13 BCSA Minutes.pdf2021-09-13 BCSA Minutes
2021-10-04 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-10-04 BCSA Agenda
2021-08-02 BCSA Minutes.pdf2021-08-02 BCSA Minutes
2021-09-13 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-09-13 BCSA Agenda
2021-08-02 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-08-02 BCSA Agenda
2021-07-12 BCSA Agenda Revised.pdf2021-07-12 BCSA Agenda Revised
2021-06-07 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-06-07 BCSA Agenda
2021-04-05 BCSA Minutes.pdf2021-04-05 BCSA Minutes
2021-05-03 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-05-03 BCSA Agenda
2021-03-01 BCSA Minutes.pdf2021-03-01 BCSA Minutes
2021-04-05 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-04-05 BCSA Agenda
2020-11-02 BCSA Minutes.pdf2020-11-02 BCSA Minutes
2021-03-01 BCSA Agenda.pdf2021-03-01 BCSA Agenda
2021-02-01 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2021-02-01 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2021-01-04 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2021-01-04 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-12-07 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-12-07 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-11-02 BCSA Agenda.pdf2020-11-02 BCSA Agenda
2020-10-05 BCSA Agenda (Revised).pdf2020-10-05 BCSA Agenda (Revised)
2020-09-14 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-09-14 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2019-12-02 BCSA Minutes.pdf2019-12-02 BCSA Minutes
2020-08-03 BCSA  Agenda.pdf2020-08-03 BCSA Agenda
2020-07-06 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-07-06 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-06-01 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-06-01 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-05-04 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-05-04 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-04-06 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-04-06 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-03-02 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-03-02 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-02-03 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-02-03 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
2020-01-06 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED.pdf2020-01-06 BCSA Agenda CANCELLED
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