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Plumbers and Gas Fitters


Board of Appeals of Plumbers & Gas Fitters

The Plumbing Board provides technical code review and recommendations to the City Council and County Commission on matters involving the Plumbing Codes; plumbing installations, construction & remodeling; and contractor licensing.

The primary focus/responsibilities of the Plumbing Board include:

  1. reviewing plumbing/gas fitting, sewer and lawn irrigation codes, and recommending to City Council and County Commission proposed code adoptions or changes;
  2. hearing appeals to Metropolitan Area Building Construction Department interpretations of the codes;
  3. reviewing alternate plumbing/gas fitting and sewer materials and/or methods of installation;
  4. reviewing and approving/denying applications for plumbing, drain laying (sewer) and lawn irrigation contractor licenses, and conducting hearings to consider probation, suspension or revocation of such licenses.


The Plumbing Board currently meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM at 271 W 3rd, in room 318 (MABCD 3rd Fl. Training Room).


The Plumbing Board is a City Council/County Commission - appointed seven-member board consisting of a mechanical engineer, mechanical contractor, master plumber, and journeyman plumber, master lawn sprinkler, master plumber contractor and a citizen at-large.

Staff Contact
Jason Little, Chief Plumbing Inspector

Open PositionBOCC Mechanical Engineer​
Beau MeansCity of Wichita Master Plumber Contractor
Larry DoughertyJoint Public-at-Large
Ray FrederickCity of Wichita Master Mechanical Contractor
Open PositionBOCC Master Plumber
Seth HerringtonBOCC Journeyman Plummer
Andy VeatchCity of Wichita Master Lawn Irrigation

2019-07-31 PGF Agenda.pdf2019-07-31 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2019-05-29 PGF Agenda.pdf2019-05-29 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2019-03-27 PGF Agenda.pdf2019-03-27 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2019-02-27 PGF Agenda.pdf2019-02-27 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2019-01-09 PGF Agenda.pdf2019-01-09 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2018-12-26  PGF Agenda Rescheduled.pdf2018-12-26 PGF Agenda RescheduledElaine Hammons
2018-11-28 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-11-28 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2018-09-26  PGF Minutes.pdf2018-09-26 PGF MinutesElaine Hammons
2018-08-29 PGF Minutes.pdf2018-08-29 PGF MinutesElaine Hammons
2018-07-25 PGF Minutes Corrected - MABCD.pdf2018-07-25 PGF Minutes Corrected - MABCDElaine Hammons
2018-10-31 - PGF Agenda.pdf2018-10-31 - PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2018-08-29 - PGF Agenda.pdf2018-08-29 - PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2018-7-25 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-7-25 PGF AgendaChris Nordick
2018-06-27 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-06-27 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2018-05-30 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-05-30 PGF AgendaElaine Hammons
2018-03-28 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-03-28 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2018-02-28 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-02-28 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2018-01-31 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-01-31 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2018-01-03 PGF Agenda.pdf2018-01-03 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-10-25 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-10-25 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-09-27 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-09-27 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-08-30 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-08-30 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-07-26 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-07-26 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-06-28 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-06-28 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-05-31 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-05-31 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-04-26 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-04-26 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-03-29 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-03-29 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-02-22 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-02-22 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-01-25 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-01-25 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
2017-01-05 PGF Agenda.pdf2017-01-05 PGF AgendaChantele Crossman
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